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Vectors : Confirm if true

  1. Nov 4, 2003 #1
    Greetings !
    I have made a conclusion while investigating some vector-related problem.
    I am currently trying to proove it (i am sure that if it is true, lot of you would be able to proove it, but i prefer to try that myself for the moment).
    What i need is only to know whether or not my conclusion is right.
    Here it is :
    "If you have a number of vectors (say n) that have a resultant of Zero, and you cross each one of them with a non-zero vector, then find the resultant of the cross results, then it will be zero too"
    If this is not really clear, i will try to make it clearer.
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    In other words, the distributive law holds for cross product:

    u x (v+ w)= u x v+ u x w. In the special case that v+ w= 0,

    u x v+ u x w= u x 0= 0.
  4. Nov 4, 2003 #3
    Thanks HallsofIvy.
    I think i figured out how to proove it even without using distributive law (actually, i didn't know that it holds for cross product).
    I will make sure i am not wrong, make everything 'mathematically beautiful' then put it here.
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