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Homework Help: Vectors problem

  1. Oct 31, 2013 #1
    Hello, my problem is attached as a picture. Could you give me some guidelines on how to approach the problem? (i know the given formulas are derived using QM (probably), and i'm not "scared" from them, i just need to know where to do a cross or a dot product, and maybe how to approach the last part of the problem - the speed of contact with the ground. This would probably mean that the vector displacement finish point will be at (a, b, 0).)

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    Simon Bridge

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    I don't see any QM in there.
    You have the equation of motion along with clues to ##\vec{V}## and ##\vec{A}## - why not use this?

    It may help if you pick a direction for U - if it has to be general, then ##\vec{V}=U\hat{V}## which will have zero y component (because it is "horizontal").

    Notice the the y-axis is "up".
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