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Homework Help: Vectors Question

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    For the following three vectors, what is 4.00C ·(3.00 A × B)?


    I'm confused. How do I approach this problem with coefficients?
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    you probably need to take the square of, in A for instance, 2^2 + 3^2 + (-4)^2, which would give you the magnitude for A which here I think is referred to as A. do the same for C and B (square the coefficients before i, j, and k, take the square root and treat the answers as B and C, respectively. then use those answers as the variables in the equation in the beginning and you should have an answer.
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    The A that I put in 4.00C ·(3.00 A × B)? is really the vector symbol. Not just regular ol' A in AB cos(theta).

    Should I still do that anyways?
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    Try specifying your vectors in component form.

    For example:

    A = a1*i + a2*j + a3*k
    B = ...
    C = ...

    Start with the simple scalars. What's 4*C in component form? 3*A?

    Then take the cross product and express the resultant vector also in component form. Then do the dot product.

    Can you see why I used three components for A instead of only two? [Hint: what's the direction of the resultant vector of the cross product?]

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    No, there is no reference to the magnitude of vectors here. "x" represents the cross product of two vectors and "." represents the dot product of two vectors.
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    I know how to do cross products and dot products.

    But for 4C do i multiply 4 times C and the result of (3 A X B)? or Do I just multiply 4 C? and it has no k value. How does that factor? Is that 0 k?
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    disregard my advice...i think i was wrong.
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    Hi mossfan563! :smile:

    I would leave the 4 until the end … less chance of my making a mistake! :redface:
    Yup! :biggrin:
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