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Vectors questions.

  1. Sep 6, 2008 #1
    so i have this question that says
    express the following in terms of their normal and tangential components. be sure to define the positive direction for both axes.
    so the first diagram has a board with a vector pointing upward toward the right. the angle formed by this (angle on the right) is 40 degrees. how do i go about doing this if i have no lengths for the sides or the vector. i know that the answer is going to be xn+yt something but i dont know how to find x (the normal) and y (the tangential.)
    the next diagram as the slanted board with a vector pointing upward to the right, but now it gives the angle on the outside of the triangle that can be formed, which means te inside angle would be 180-155. but i still dont know how to find lengths of the sides. or do i not have to.

    crap sorry i just realized that i wasnt supposed to put this here!
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