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Vehicle-car crash physics

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    recently i was in a car crash i was waiting at a stop light and a car hits me from behind. the back fender was scratched and the the front was damaged. my foot was on the brake while waiting and also the front shows that it hit the ground.


    i'm trying to figure out how the front was damaged when getting hit from behind for my report. can someone help?
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi ofni! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    (does the foot-brake operate the back wheels, or all four wheels?)

    I suppose what's worrying you is that the insurance people may say that the front was already damaged … especially when the back shows so little damage?

    This probably isn't the right forum for your problem … accident investigation is a very specialised subject, and there isn't really a theoretical "vehicle-car crash physics" in the same way as "pool-table physics". It's more an experimental subject.

    You say the front hit the ground … perhaps you should take close-up photos of the bottom of the front bumper to help prove this?

    But the best thing would be photos of the skid marks on the road … they would not only show the tyre skid-marks, but also the skid-marks from the bumper.

    In England, the police will provide a copy of the traffic officer's notebook (including measured diagrams of skid marks), for a small fee … can you get that in the States? :smile:
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    no i don't think i can get the notebook but i will take pictures of the scene and to help me in the process of filing the report hopefully i'll be fine since i was the only one on the road
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