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Vehicle coolant modelling

  1. Sep 20, 2014 #1

    I had been communicating with Chestermiller for the past many months and I modeled the exhaust gas flowing through the pipe of a car.

    Now, I had problems with the temperature sensor used, so this model couldn't be applied very well and its been a difficult time due to that. I have to complete this project by the end of this month, and I see no way out. I really need the help of you all.

    At this point I have data for the following :
    1. Vehicle Speed
    2. Acceleration log (I created this one from the vehicle speed, by slope values between consecutive readings)
    3. Engine Speed
    4. Air flow into the engine (kg/s)
    5. Coolant Temperature at the thermostat side

    Is there a way I could model, either through available literature or equations in physics -
    1. The Coolant cold-side temperature
    2. The mass flow rate of the coolant

    I need these two to calculate the ENERGY given off as heat through the coolant. So, I have a link that gives me the specific heat of the coolant at various temperatures. But I need some good estimate OR calculation for the coolant cold-side temperature and the mass flow rate as a function of any of the 5 'inputs' above.

    This is rather urgent. I can understand if members won't give me answers directly, but quick guidance would really help. Thank you.
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