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Homework Help: Vehicle physics problem

  1. Jul 22, 2007 #1

    A vehicle land on a mountain of 4400ft.The Engine delivers 400hp to the wheels and careful streamlining has resulted in a drag coefficient of 0.5,based on a 20ft^2 frontal area.Compute the maximum ground speed of the car in i)still air and ii)with a 20mph head wind

    for part i)I have solve using coefficient power and drag coefficient formulars.However the part ii), I am haveing problem.

    Pls help.
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    If one solve part i, then part ii should be solvable.

    With a head wind, the maximum vehicle velocity is reduced.

    How does one solve for Vmax?

    If one sets up an equation in V, then with a headwind try V+Vhead, where Vhead is the headwind velocity.
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    I have solve till Velocity but not V(max). my eqn is
    Power= drag coeff * 1/2 * Area * density* velocity^3

    to find V(max),what should I set to zero and then differentiate?? ??
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