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Vehicle ride vibration

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    Hi guys, I want to estimate vehicle pitching, bouncing and rolling natual frequencies. I am doubdful in the vehicle excitement. How can I understand if the excitation has a good frequency content?
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    Ranger Mike

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    tuff question..you have to understand the basics of the vehicle suspension before you can
    1. determine proper spring rate
    2. proper shock ( dampers)
    what type tire? tire construction..radial . bias ply, material ??
    i suggest you read race car suspension post i did earlier on this forum
    you have to look at track surface ( road conditions)
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    I have studied the problem, I am interested to frequency from 0 to 10Hz at maximun for bouncing and pitching, while for rolling from 0 to 3Hz. I have read there is a ISO's standard for estimating the vehicle frequency rolling responce, through the application of a steering wheel oscillation, but it isn't good for me because I have to measure also other accelerations and they has a good meanings only during real vehicle travelling condition. I have thougth to pass on a rough track at different speeds, but my doubt is to understand if the excitation frequency amplitude content is good enough since I cant control precisely the excitation. I hope to have explained better my problem.
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    can anyone help me?
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