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VEI of recent Fuego eruption?

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    This quote from Smithsonian seems to have messed up and is senseless.
    "SO2 mass ejected was about~2 orders of magnitude than the 1974 eruption"

    Does anyone know whether it was bigger or smaller. Kinda important when you're talking about two orders of magnitude !

    Also I have not been able to find any authoritative statement of the energy of the blast on the VEI scale. Any ideas?
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    I cant find anything for 1974. I don't think there were any really accurate ways to measure emission amounts back in 1974.
    Unlike these days with the very sophisticated earth atmosphere monitoring satellites in orbit.

    The problem is …. Simon Carn was either miss-quoted or he cant write a coherent sentence …… the words greater or lesser were
    omitted from the sentence. The way it is written seems to infer "greater" ??

    I loved to comments, by a guy called Trevor, on this site ……


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    OK found something that looks reasonable


    Where as for the 2018 eruption it peaked at ~ 5 kilotons for the 3rd June

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    Ah, thanks for the WUWT link. Nick Stokes provides a link to what was presumably the original, misquoted by Smithsonian.

    Apparently simply quoting what he actually wrote was too simple for Smithsonian. They had to try to paraphrase it for us .... and turned it into nonsense. Probably an arts major doing media studies who wrote the press release.

    ... so it's 2 order LESS. Not a major event. Still no news on VEI, though it does not seem to be on the same scale and El Chichon or Mt Pinatubo.
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    the only significance is that it was mainly a 1 or 2 day blast with a really high SO2 emission
    whereas the 1974 eruption went on for a couple of months. Must smaller daily releases but an overall much
    larger total output

    yeah, somewhere around a VEI of 4

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    Thanks Dave. With all due deference to the safety of those who live near these monsters, it's a shame. We need another major stratospheric event with the current levels of observation to better understand their long term effects. I thought this might have been it. Mt. Agung was making serious rumblings for a while and scared everyone away but then failed to deliver. We'll just have to wait a bit longer.
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