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Velocity and acc. of circular motion

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    can someone give me some real life examples of where the knowledge of velocity and acceleration of circular motion comes in handy? i can't even think of one and my teacher asked us to write an essay on it. thanx a lot.
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    a merry-go-round? dirt flying off a wheel?

    a tornado? Though I don't know how that would come in handy....
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    While I doubt that it is necessary to calculate the forces exactly, surely some knowledge of how velocity, acceleration, and force going around an arc is essential to race car driver (or those of us who just drive fast!).

    Fighter pilots who make fast turns probably think a lot about that also.
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    actually almost everything you do has some element of rotational motion in it. My advice to you would be to find *anything* you like to write about and then find some aspect of rotational motion and write about it.

    Actually, is there an example that can be recreated on earth (no "ideal" models) where there is no rotational motion?
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    Nice example. :smile:

    Fighter pilots can be trained to cope with about 11 'g' when undergoing tight turns in aircraft - most of us would pass out at about half of that!!
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