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Homework Help: Velocity and Acceleration

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    If a car is moving at a constant speed in a circular path, what can be inferred?
    a. acceleration is 0
    b. velocity is 0
    c. inertia is 0
    d. none of these
    ok, i'm not sure on this one... i know it's not B because the car is moving, so it has a velocity that isn't 0. I don't think it is C either. So now it balls down to A and D. A is confusing because i know that acceleration takes speed and direction into account. The speed is the same so there is no acceleration, but the direction is constantly changing, so there is an acceleration. Would "acceleration is 0" be incorrect because the direction is changing constantly?
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    Sounds like you understand the problem, yes the car has an acceleration.
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    so the answer would be "none of these"?
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