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Velocity and Pressure

  1. Nov 22, 2008 #1
    can you pls tell how velocity and pressure both are inversly proportional with each other as both of them are needed to act force
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    Lets take a general case.
    P=F/A and F=ma.

    So we know pressure is directly proportional to force and force is directly proportional to acceleration. Acceleration is the first derivative of Velocity, which means the higher the rate of change of velocity the higher the acceleration. So i dont think they are inversely porportinal. Sorry, but thats what seems logical to me. I do not think they are inversely proportional. Post the whole problem here, and that might help you out.
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    Hold on i just remembered. Are you talking about this in context of Bernoulli's equation? If so then yes they are inversely proportional.

    P + 1/2pv^2+pgh=constant.

    Try working around with the equation above and you'll get your answer.
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