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Velocity and the origin

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    Hey Im trying to do a calculus problem, but Im confused i possibly got th wrong answer but this will help me to know if I got it right or wrong....
    If the velocity of something is negative, does it ALWAYS move away from the origin?? and if its positive does it ALWAYS move toward thr origin, or are there exception to that??
    If anyone could help Itd Be super great!
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    No, those relations does not hold in general.

    In order to help you on a bit:
    What is the difference between an object's POSITION (relative to the origin, that is), and the object's DISTANCE from the origin?
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    can anyone tell what ll be the effect of change in acceleration on any fast moving body.Dose it induces any stresses in that body.
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    Force equal mass times acceleration. Any acceleration means there is a "force" and THAT will induce stress on a material body. Of course, you are not talking about mathematics now.
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