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Homework Help: Velocity, momentum car help please!

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    Velocity, displacement?
    Please help me to solve this! I have no idea!

    The brakes of a car failed and the car travels at a constant velocity of 45 m/s off a 27 m cliff.

    A) How far from the cliff does the car hit the ground?

    B)When it hits the ground, it skids off 13 m/s with a coefficient of friction of 0.55. What's the deceleration of the car?

    C) The car travels 5 m when it crashes into a stationary 650 kg Honda Civic. The collision is elastic. The velocity of the original car is 2 m/s after the collision. What is the velocity of the Honda Civic after the crash?

    Please give me tips on how to solve this! i will give 10 points to the best answer!]
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