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Velocity of air from a nozzle

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    Is there a way to calculate the velocity of air as it comes out from a nozzle? The nozzle is ejecting wind upwards and I would like to find the wind velocity with respect to the height.

    I currently have the pressure that is being supplied to the nozzle and also the nozzle diameter, is there a way to find the velocity with these parameters?

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    use ideal gas equation..
    P1. V1 = P2. V2
    and debit equation
    Q= A. V
    and mass equation
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    Usually, we will ask for Mass flow rate instead of velocity (FAD, Free Air Delivery = volume of air comes out at 1 atm environment).

    Think about turbulence and compressibility of air after the nozzle. using pito tube to obtain the speed of air after the nozzle is completely meaningless. the speed is different at each section.

    You can try to have a look on ISO1217 about measurement of air compressor at school.

    I believe your nozzle is some kind of flow measurement device.
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    I have a post somewhere on here of the analytical solution of an axisymmetric jet. That should be essentially what you're looking for. Try doing a search for it.

    The problem is not as clear as one would think. This all really depends on the accuracy needed though.
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