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Homework Help: Velocity of sound applications

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    1. in determination of speed of sound in solid, why is the wavelength of sound in the rod eqaul to twice the length of the rod? is this always true?

    2. suppose the we increase the temperature of the air through which a sound wave is traveling. a) what effect does this have on the velocity of the wave? b) what effect does increasing the temperature have on the wavelength of the sound wave?

    3. if you were lying on the ground, would you hear footsteps sooner or later with your ear touching the ground or not?

    4. the velocity of sound in cm/s as a function of temperature (t) in Celsius degree is given by the equation: v=33145+60t. derive this equation.

    5.find the speed of sounf in a bone for which the Young's modulus is 16x10^9 N/m^2 and its specific gravity is 2.

    6. find the velocity of the ultrasound in tissue. (frequency range = 1-5 megahertz; wavelength = 0.3 - 0.06 mm)

    *to anyone that can help, thank you very much! i appreciate it! no need to give me the answer directly. just xplain what i should do. thanks again!
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    What have YOU done on this? Some of these look like you can just look up the answer in a textbook or just plug the numbers into a formula.
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    well, i already figured out numbers 2,3, and 5....i'm having a hard time figuring out #4...#1, i don't really know since we never did the experiment on determining the speed of sound in solids....in #6, am i right if i changed the units from megahertz to hertz and mm to cm?
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