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Homework Help: Velocity on Baggage Carousel.

  1. Oct 6, 2008 #1
    A suitcase on a baggage carousel is spinning around at an unknown velocity. The carousel has an angle of 36 degrees above horizontal. The suitcase is held in place by static friction with a coefficient of 0.760. Find the velocity.

    Fn = mg | Fsmax = µsmg | Fc = mV²/r

    I get as far as this, and I am stuck as to what to do next.
    I need to find Fc

    ΣFx = -Fn cos54 + Fs cos36 = mV²/r

    ΣFy = Fn sin 54 + Fs sin36 - mg = 0

    Where do I go next? My prof tried to explain it to me but it didn't click, I am a step-by-step learner! Thanks all.
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    I presume you were given the radius of this carousel as well? There is a lot of resolving components summing forces. There should be a normal component from the weight and the centrifugal force and a component parallel to the carousel from bot those forces. To find the max speed the friction must be equal to the parallel forces. The weight and the centrifugal force will act in the opposite direction however.
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