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Homework Help: Velocity on curved track?

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    Im Having problems with 2D- curved track velocities. The question is...Find an Equation to find the velocity final of a car with mass - m going down a curved track with a coefficient of Friction - Uk The track is height - h above the ground and has an initial Velocity of Vi...so basically how do you find the velocity of a car moving down a curved track with centripetal acceleration factored in.

    Heres my start.....I need alot of HELP please.

    Vf = (Distance / Time) + Vi^2 / Radius

    I dont know radius and distance is the length of the curved section of the track...any help on finding radius? I'd really appreciate it

    The other question i had trouble with..is Find an equation for the Initial velocity at each point ( the beginning of each section ) for the same track with same mass - m and same height - h and same coefficient of friction - Uk ...

    My start...I dont get this at all please help..

    IE = mgh + 1/2mv^2 - Heat loss to Friction

    I dont know the heat loss to friction..could you help me there please? with an equation or anything? Im very confused...please help, I want to try and get this finished for tomorrow
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