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Velocity or Gravity creates mass?

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    We know the universe expands, yet galaxies seem to be so incredibly massive and they stay together. Look at our planet, a grade 5 student could see that the land obviously was all connected at one time.
    Common understanding was that all the water was on one side of the planet, while all the land was on the other, if that were true, since land has much more mass than water, as well as heat, the water would tend to be flow to the mountainous side of the planet, leaving the other side bare.
    Similarly to how the moon pulls the tide.

    We know mountains are formed from tectonic plates shifting, has anyone noticed that there is more land mass today than there would have been when all the land was connected? You can tell when you try and put them back together. Yet at the same time the amount of water on the planet seems like it would have increased also, otherwise erosion would be evident farther up mountain sides than where the ocean is now.

    You may have seen the quasi scientist on youtube that has proposed Earth is actually growing from the inside out. Without even considering his experimental data, his graphic presentation of what the Earth would have looked like if it expanded was impressive. Using the same logic as a child would (which means not blinded by "truth") it seems so much more logical for the Earth to expand than for the continents to just move around, and hey it's also cooler.

    Suspend the truth you know for a moment, just so you can think of this without prejudice.
    Our sun is made largely of Hydrogen and Helium. Our planet is taking on more and more water (again, hold your thoughts) giving our planet lots of Hydrogen
    What if the water on our planet will turn into a star?
    Comets/asteroids turn into planets then back to comets & asteroids when star explodes
    The life cycle of a star
    White dwarf star
    Super Giant star
    Giant star
    Neutron Star
    BH -an optical illusion, space is squished faster than light relative to our position.(my opinion)

    Back to reality for a moment. We know that the universe is expanding, we know
    that particles randomly pop up out of nowhere, frequently. We know that there is dark matter in the universe, and lots of it. But we aren't so sure how it got there.

    So lets give this thought a chance because although it doesn't seem to make sense, it would explain a lot. I don't know how it would be represented mathmatically but somehow either velocity or gravity or a combination of the two creates mass or energy
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