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Homework Help: Velocity Profile of a Flow

  1. May 5, 2006 #1
    Can someone please help me to solve this problem?

    Stokes’ fluid is resting in a long channel, whose boundary planes are [tex]y = a[/tex] and [tex]y = -a[/tex] (which do not move). At time [tex]t = 0[/tex] a pressure gradient suddenly begins to act which is constant and equals [tex]G = G e_x[/tex]. If body forces do not exist, and velocity is [tex]v = v (y, t) e_x[/tex], find the equation which [tex]v(y, t) [/tex] satisfies for [tex]t > 0[/tex], as well as boundary and beginning conditions for [tex]v(y, t) [/tex]. When t --> inftinity v(y, t) is expected not to dependant on time t (motion becomes stationary). If we suppose that [tex]v(y,t) = V(y) + v_1 (y, t) [/tex], where [tex]V(y)=lim_{t-->infinity}v(y,t) [/tex] form the eqauation and boundary conditions that [tex]v_1 (y, t) [/tex] satisfies.

    Thank you,
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