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Velocity stack

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    Why would a velocity stack improve an ic engines performance?
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    It's pretty much just an air funnel. It straightens and accelerates the airflow into the carbeurator to make breathing easier. (And they look cool.)
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    Low inlet restriction.
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    harmonic pulses play a roll too
    liength of stack/ and total path vary peak power

    both inlet and out lets size and path can move peak and total power
    up or down the RPM range
    so tuners play with size and shapes

    some have tryed varyable leingth stacks that move in or out as RPM changes
    and some vary valve opening timeimg or use one of 2 inlet valves at lower RPM in 4 valve motors

    and yes they look cool too
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    Thanks for the additional info, Ray. I knew that manifold runner length did that, but not the stacks. Not that I'll ever use the things, but it's a good tip.
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