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Velocity-time curve help

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    I have my A/L s tomorrow and I need help in a maths question.
    If a baloon is going strait upwards in an accelaration "a" and it drops a stone(P) and after the time "t" the baloon drops another stone(Q). The first stone lands on the earth after droping the first stone at the time "T".Draw the velocity time curve for these two stones and it should be drawn relative to the baloon.
    Prove that "t(g+a)(T+t/2)"
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    Hi campa. I'm not sure I understand the question.

    The balloon is going upwards with acceleration a.

    1) Suppose it drops P at some time x?
    2) It drops Q at time x+t?
    3) P lands at time x+T?

    Are the above 3 correct?

    Also "t(g+a)(T+t/2)" cannot be proven as it is not an equation, just an algebraic expression.
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