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Velocity time graph &instantaneous acceleration

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    How can you find the instantaneous accelertation of an object whose curve on the velocity-time graph is a straight line?????
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    James R

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    Acceleration is the gradient of the velocity-time curve at any point.
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    acceleration = (velocity 2 - velocity 1)/ (time 2 -time1)
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    Only just a straight line? Then
    [tex] \forall n > 1,\;\frac{{d^n v}}{{dt^n }} = 0 [/tex]
    over the interval containing this line

    *karaonstage, simply find the slope of this line, and you will thus calculate the acceleration of the object.
    If the slope [itex] = 0 [/itex], the object simply doesn't accelerate (travels at constant velocity).
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    Above is correct. But next time, try to think to yourself, what is acceleration. Change in velocity over time, well, if you have a velocity vs time graph, than a change in velocity over time IS your slope.
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