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Homework Help: Velocity time graph question?

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    A car travels at a constant velocity of +20 m/s for 5 seconds, than constantly accelerates up to + 40 m/s in 4 seconds. Then the car decelerates constantly until it reaches a velocity of 0 m/s, and rests for 1 second.

    What is ax at t = 11 s? And what is ax at t = 3 seconds?

    I'm sure if anyone could help me with either I would learn the process and be able to do the other by myself, thank you :)
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    Isn't there a format for posing problems for which you need help?
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    Dunno, I just joined like an hour ago... chill xD

    - & I figured out how to solve this :)
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    what do you mean with ax? acceleration times position? or is it street lingo for acceleration?

    kids these days..
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