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Homework Help: Velocity Unit

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    For velocity unit, is it, for example, 30 m/s^2?
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    meters per second, m/s

    m/s^2 is acceleration.
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    Assuming that you are measuring distance in meters and time in seconds, then, since velocity is "distance/time", its units would be m/s.
    Acceleration, which is "velocity/ time" would be (m/s)/s= m/s2.

    Of course, if you measure distance in miles and time in hours, then velocity would be "miles divide by hours", mi/hr or "miles per hour".
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    how do u calculate velocity WITHOUT time?
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    Eh? What does that have to do with this thread?
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    1. Don't "hijack" some else's thread to ask a separate question. Start your own.

    2. You can't "calculate velocity WITHOUT time". You can, under certain conditions, calculate velocity "at a given instant", without a change in time. That's one of the basic questions calculus was developed to answer.
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