Velocity vector's change of direction


If an object changes it's direction but not speed, then velocity vector will only change its direction but not magnitude.

* ... delta

*r... displacement vector

Formula for velocity change is *v = *r / *time

This formula doesn't tell us anything about the direction of *v, it tells us
only about its magnitude ?

Same could be said for acceleration vector a. Formula will only tell you acceleration vector's magnitude, but not it's direction ( well we do know the direction is same as *v, but since we don't know the direction of *v it's of little use ) ?



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The correct "formulas" are

[tex]\vec v = \frac {d \vec r}{dt}[/tex]

[tex]\vec a = \frac {d \vec v}{dt}[/tex]

These are vector quantities. If the direction of the velocity changes without changing the speed, the velocity and acceleration are perpendicular to each other.

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