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Homework Help: Velocity Vectors

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    [SOLVED] Velocity Vectors

    The velocity vector V1 has a magnitude of 3m/s and is directed along the +x-axis. The velocity vector V2 has a magnitude of 2m/s. The sum of the two is V3, so that V3 = V1+V2

    A) The magnitude of V3 can be 0
    B) The magnitude of V3 can be 6m/s
    C) The magnitude of V3 can be 5m/s
    D) The x-component of V3 can be -1m/s
    E) The magnitude of V3 can be -4m/s
    F) The magnitude of V3 can be 3m/s

    Which are true and which are false?

    I can't figure this out, if someone would even give me a hint... please I'd really appreciate it.
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    Try a drawing
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    tried that...still don't understand
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    I think C and F are true...
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    Start with the first one. Is there anyway those two vectors can add up to zero? Do you know what vector addition is?
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    i got it, thanks for your help. :)
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