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Vending Machine ?

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    Hi I'm new, so I hope this goes in the rite place and i hope this doesn't sound too vague. I've been thinking of building a vending machine for my senior eet project. Rite now I'm still in the process of researching and seeing how feasible this really is. I asked one of my professors and he just said that by the end of summer class (PLC and microcontroller) I should have a better grip on things. But that won't help me now. I was wondering if anyone c ould point me in the direction of any information, websites, books,etc. on the detailed working of a vending machine so I can devise a way to build one.
    I guess I should say what've I found so far: I found a few public patents, and the mindstorms version of one. I remember in one of my java programming classes we did all the programming for a vending machines operations so I think once I get to that part it'll be not too bad. but that's a bit different from actually building one.
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    You want to make a... complete vending machine? Or just the logical control system for a vending machine?

    If you just mean the logical control system, you should follow this procedure:

    1) Develop your state machine.
    2) Break the state machine down into functions.
    3) K-map the functions and implement them on a PLC.

    The vending machine is almost a de-facto standard teaching tool, so you should be able to find information about them in almost any book on digital electronics. Have you tried your library?

    - Warren
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    I want to make a complete vending machine... slightly ambitious I know. I'm going to look at the library....though Southern's library has a tendency to be really really outdated, I might just have to buy one somewhere. I know we did a lot dealing with the vending machine when I was taking my programming classes. but now it's all about motors and things... being out in the field. thanks for help, that gives me a good push.
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    I don't know much about them myself, but I'd consider using a freezer turned on end (or a stand-up one) as the chassis and cooling system. That way a large and complicated part of the work is done for you. :biggrin:
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    ...yea I was thinking of maybe converting my mini fridge for the body and all.
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