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News Venezuela to Provide Discounted Heating Oil and Free Eye Operations to U.S. Poor

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    This is astounding! Thanks for posting this bit of news, Rabid - I don't quite know what to make of it, but it provides much food for thought.
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    At present it is nothing but propaganda. If he is serious he needs to present a viable plan to carry it out.

    Chavez is no angel, he is a politician.
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    I agree, but people over here (Latin america) love him becouse he is against US goverment, and against imperialism
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    Sad isn't it, that being anti-American can make someone popular.

    And as for Imperialism. The US is becoming an Empire. American foreign policy, as far as I can discern since this administration is so secretive, is Imperialistic.

    Never in history has a nation simultaneously been both a Republic and an Empire. The two seem to be mutually exclusive.
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    Wasn't Rome at one point a Republic and an Empire? Or basically just a banana republic as many see the U.S. as as well.
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    You're welcome.
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    Even sadder that being against the U.S. government is quickly interpreted as being Anti-American.
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    It ceased to function as a Republic once it became an Empire. Republics are not ruled by Emperors.

    We-e-e-l-l-l. The Senate was continued under the emperors, largely but but not 100% as a rubber stamp, and the forms of the republic continued. On the other side, the republic had been ruled on and off by dictators for almost 100 years before Octavian became Augustus, I don't suppose republics are supposed to be ruled by dictators either.
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    ...but only under some new definition of "imperialism" and "empire" that bears little-to-no resemblance to the traditional meaning of the words. :rolleyes:

    The US has not, for example, taken a new territory since WWII and has, in fact, lost a number since then. Military conquest of territory, adding that territory to the empire, is the traditional definition. It seems people today want to use the word to describe any foreign policy whereby one country influences the the internal politics of another...ie, any foreign policy, they don't like. :rolleyes:

    That is - unless you are suggesting (I seem to be asking this a lot, lately...) that you actually believe Bush will refuse to give up his presidency in 3.5 years when his term ends...?
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    So secret = Imperialistic. Wow. Thats like saying since Wal-mart offers low prices, they are run by Japanese plants. Do people even think about what htey are saying when they toss around these "empire" arguments.

    Dont tell that to Britain. They're really devoted to the lie.
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    What I meant was I am not sure what the US foreign policy is because the administration doesn't spell it out and Congress won't hold any hearings to ask questions because the leadership is working closely with the administration.

    They say one thing and do another. They have shown no regard for the truth and will say anything to sell their policy. They say they want to get our troops out of Iraq ASAP yet they are building military bases in Iraq while closing them here. :confused:

    Good observation Russ. It is a new paradigm for an Imperium. We have military bases all over the world, yet we do not dictate to the host nations. However we do use our presence and power to influence their governments.

    This is more a corporate takeover of the world, as opposed to a national one, so unless your on the board of directors for a multi-national corporation, you are not going to be part of the ruling nation.
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    I was referring to a Republic in the broad definition.

    So when Britain colonized India and South Africa etc., Who were the sovereign people?
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    Being unsure about an administrations policy does not equate with the necessity of declaring imperialism. And ahem... wasnt there a mock impeachment trial in the Congress from the loonies? Err, democrats? I don't know where you get your information but every other second i hear someone in Congress complaining about the administration or questioning every single sentence the President says or NY times says he said (even when it turns out to be a lie on a newspapers part) :rolleyes:
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    Could you post examples or links instead of relying on your memory and opinion?
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    What about the French republic?

    Chavez is a very bad guy. He has sheltered and actively supported one of the most brutal terrorist groups in the world, the Leftists FARC from neighbouring Colombia (where Chavez is broadly despised).

    The Anti-American mania is a very old and self-sustaining phenomenon in South America (and Europe for that matter) to be explained by particular administrations' foreign policy. What's ironic is that despite their loathing for the US, and their fanatical devotion for Cuba and Castro (and now Chavez), everyone in South America aspires to emigrate to the US and set up roots there. It is the task of a psychiatrist to explain why so many will give up everything for a shot at living in a country they proclaim to abhor :confused:
  20. Sep 2, 2005 #19
    What do you know about the FARC. Have you even heard about the AUC ? of course not. beocuse you have no idea. and you have no idea of what the colombian goverment does.

    Your argument is so racist and ilogic...
    You are asuming that all south americans thinks the same way, didn't you ever think that Maybee, those who are sympatetic with chavez and fidel, could not be the same people who travels to the US ???
    It's like saying.. those americans,,,, what ironic, they protest against the war in irak and they support president bush... NONSENSE
  21. Sep 2, 2005 #20
    The AUC appeared in response to the bestiality of the Leftist guerillas. Carlos Castaño, one of the leaders of the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia), had his father kidnapped by the Leftists and paid the ransom, after which the savages proceeded to murder the old man and demand more money to release the corpse. Later, the Leftists returned and took his 9 year old sister. The girl somehow cut loose from the captors and jumped out of the vehicle where she was being transported. Right there, the Leftists put a bullet through her head.

    Those pigs go to apartment buildings in minor cities, empty them of women and children, load them up in trucks and then proceed to take them up into the jungle and chain them to trees in massive, barb-wired concentration camps for years until their desperate families come up with money to buy them back. But those are the lucky ones. If they hold you in the city, you'll enjoy having your eyes taped, your arms tied up, and thrown into a closet for months and years. Some people that have been rescued have had their eyesight burned after being exposed to light after years of being held up like that. A couple of years back they blew up a church full of children who were taking refuge there from their assault on their town. By themselves the FARC are responsible for most of the WORLD'S kidnappings.

    Why do you think Right-wing president Uribe enjoys a 70-80% approval rating 3 years into his current term? The population (poor and rich) is sick of the Leftist guerillas' kidnappings, extortions, massacres, forced displacements, bombs, etc., and if you were to express your utterly ignorant views in a Bogota or Medellin city corner, you'd find yourself facing an angry mob... and this is a country that shares in the Catholic-Leftist prejudices of the rest of the region, but the FARC has bombed them into Right-wing atittudes, at least as they relate to the war on the terrorists.

    ps. sorry for the rant, but hearing people minimize the brutal savagery that the Leftist FARC has unleashed upon my native country makes me cringe. Millions of people have had to leave the country from fear of them. And that rat Chavez giving them shelter and supplies, with the conniving of the rest of the Leftist regimes in the region... :mad:
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