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Venn Diagram homework

  1. Oct 5, 2017 #1
    image (1).jpg image.jpg
    Okay so I have a friend who has a 3rd grader and is 7 years old and he is having trouble completing this homework... we can't figure out how to do the problem on the 2nd page, we understand the example in the first page

    Page 1 Is the example page.

    I am going to attempt to translate to English what is written in french on the 2nd page.
    • 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    (Page 2) Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Green, Green, Blue.

    (Page 2) Add the blocs in this table.

    (Page 2) Height\Color | Red | Green | Yellow | Blue |

    (Page 2) Big:

    (Page 2) Small:

    2. Relevant equations

    We can't figure it out, is there missing something? On the first page the Diagram of Venn says "2 holes" on the top left corner and "Round" on the right top corner but there isn't any of that on the Diagram of Venn on the 2nd page... So how are we suppose to know what to do?

    3. The attempt at a solution

    I think I understand the basics of Diagrams Venn for example Circle A and Circle B are two things and in the middle it is something that has both similar things in common with both A and B

    The homework is in french, but I can translate more to English if someone wants.

    I tried my best to try and explain this hopefully someone understand :/
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    I think you can just choose the labels for the two classes in the Venn diagram. For example, you could label them "Grand" and "Petit", or you could label them "Triangle" and "Rectangle", or "Petit" and "Rouge", etc.
    The first two have no intersection and the first has nothing that is excluded from both sets, so the third might be more interesting.

    I don't know what they would think if you chose "Orange" and "Pentagons" say, since all the objects would be outside both sets, or "Polygons" and "Coloured" where all the objects are in the intersection, but I can't see anything in the question.to preclude these!
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    So in your example problem, you have the left oval contains items with 2 holes. The right oval contains items which are round.
    The square with 4 holes does not fit into either category, but it is in the total set of objects that you are considering. So it is inside the rectangle but outside of both ovals. The two circles which have 2 holes meet the criteria for both ovals, so they are in the intersection.

    First fill out the table, then pick 2 criteria that you want to use to categorize them. Assign the left oval one criteria (Grand, for example), and the right oval would be the other criteria (maybe 4 sided object). There will be some in the intersection, and there will be some which are outside of both ovals.
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    Yes that looks good. By the way, you can use BBcode to embed an imgur image right into your post. Like this:

    Here is some information on how to do it (straight from the imgur forum).
    Go to imgur.com and click on the menu with your name as header (it's on the top right)
    Select the "images" item
    Click on any one of your images
    A lightbox opens with the image on the left and a bunch of linking / sharing options on the right.
    Two BBCode variants are at the bottom.
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    You would type something like this, to get the image to embed.
    you type the open square bracket, then img then close square bracket.
    then type your link, https://i.imgur.com/eVfWM92.png then square bracket and /img

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    I don't think you have to write the words "small green" as it is the intersection of "small" items and "green" items, so that is understood.
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    Ok got it! Thank you all!
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