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Venn diagram

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    Given S is set for all real number. A is set for all even number, B is set for all positive integer, C is set for odd number represent the relationship between the sets with Venn diagram.
    This question is seems easy. However, there is a problem that how can we illustrate the three sets in circles. Set A and C are exclusive so they do not touch each other. However, For Set B, it is totally inclusive in Set A and C. How should we draw the Circle for Set B?
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    Don't use circles.
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    Relax circle to simple closed curve.
    Admit non-transverse configurations (curves touching without crossing).
    Then your problem has a simple representation, and it's still an Euler diagram.
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    Define B1 and B2 as disjoint subsets of B; B = B1 U B2.
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