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Ventaliation Fluid Dynamics

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    I'm creating a hamster cage for better ventilation(circulation) without too much flow.(draft)
    How would I work out mathematically the air flow going into a plastic box. The flow rate etc..
    The plastic box will be inside a normal home.

    Things I want to know and improve
    The overall oxygen level
    Reducing smell/bacteria growth-antimicrobial
    Implement calculations in a superior design.

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    mathematically speaking in order to study such a simulation you need a CFD simulation using LES model for better expectations or you can make the design theoretically without getting into details using Bernoulli's equation and Darcy Weisbach equations, for more information on ventilation design in specific and HVAC design in general visit : http://www.engineershouse.com/
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    I'm using solidworks, i thought that would be the best way.
    Just have to learn how to use the fluid simulation tool

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