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Ventilation in Power Panels

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    How is ventilation maintained in Power Panels. Are there air ducts, at the sides etc. I haven't seen any exhaust fan mechanism as such on any Power Panels.
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    By "power panel" do you mean a breaker panelboard or load center? If so, there isn't any. My company builds remote power panels (RPPs) for use in data centers and such which provide up to 400 amps at 208-V three-phase. There is minimal ventilation because it isn't needed; the connections and bussbars are designed to dissipate as little power as possible since that would represent a loss of power which isn't being delivered to the load.
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    In switchboard and switchgears, there is some way for internal temperature control of cubicles. As you know the temperature control is one of the most important terms in power systems especially in electrical equipments manufacturing and installation. According to DIN and VDI requirements, the following simplified installation configuration can be used in switchboard panels:

    – Ventilation devices and installations for ventilation and exhaust, e.g. when the permissible ambient temperature is higher than the (max.) outside temperature.
    – Refrigeration units and installations for heat exhaust only, e.g. when the permissible ambient temperature is equal to or less than the (max.) outside temperature.
    –Air-conditioning units and installations for air-conditioning, when in addition to heat removal specific ambient climate conditions are required (temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.).

    For more information you can refer to Switchgear Riddle No.1 from http://electrical-riddles.com
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