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Venture into Aerospace?

  1. Mar 29, 2012 #1
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, this being my first post, and I was curious as to various paths that can be taken with an Aerospace Engineering BS degree (Which I'm currently slated to embark upon Fall 2012). I'm interested in space, and for that matter some job security and saw the Aerospace route a promising one. I'm a senior now, taking Calculus at a community college over the summer, I enjoy reading about physics in my free time and how it applies to space and our every day lives and phenomenons. I generally don't have trouble grasping theories, math, or outlandish relation. Thing is, I was really curious as to how difficult it is to get associated with the space industry and which route is most promising. If I knew that particle physics, high energy physics, or cosmology had more promising routes in the job market afterward, I'd lean towards them, because those also captivate a large amount of my interest. But, space reigns supreme in my interest with physics and science and being able to work in something in conjunction with space seems incredibly appealing, but doing something with genuine purpose is also attractive.

    In saying everything above, it's based on advice I've received from a couple professors I know, teachers, and advisers at my high school. None of the insinuations of monetary gain / genuine purpose are meant to attack anyone in any field. I'm just looking for some real help from people who are familiar with this dilemma and how to work with it. I really enjoy physics, space, but would also like to make a good living so I can be able to pay off any college loans and whatnot.

    Best regards,


    P.S. I have a relative who ran NASA under the Regan administration that I probably need to get in touch with, eh?
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