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Venturi Pump

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    I am trying to develop a Ventury
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    Pump using Compressed Air a d Motive Fluid and Suction Fluid is Water from Shallow Well.
    Compressed Air parameter is 6CFM Air at 7 bar using 2hp Motor & Compressor set, and required Suction Lift is about 5m. Discharge is to open atmosphere at Well Head.
    Whether this feasible and if yes,
    1. What would be the water discharge?
    2. What is the required Air Nozzle and Venturi dimensions?

    A N Madhavan
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    I believe the main premise, could be achieved, however the water would come out as an atomized mist, @ the well head/ venturi discharge. To try an inexpensive trial, you could purchase a used, smallest, early aircraft venturi, used to power directional gyro's, bank/ turn indicators and the like. I'm not too sure if the 6cfm part @ 7 bar would be sufficient to draw the required 5m depth..
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    You should be able to do some basic math knowing how much water weighs and what the maximum height you should be able to lift it based on the maximum atmospheric pressure. I am not telling you that you should know how to design a venturi, but you should easily be able to figure out how much vacuum you need.
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    If an air based pump isn't going to work, you could use a water based venturi pump, starting with a partially filled ground level tank for a water source to the pump, to draw water from the well back into the tank, similar to the ones used to start a siphon with aquariums.
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