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Stargazing Venus in broad daylight

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    The last couple of days I have been able to spot Venus with the naked eye in the middle of the day. I'm in Denver Colorado, just curious as to how often this happens and if it's visible from sea level during the day right now. I can't find much about on Google.
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    yup ... well done,
    if you know where to look and it's usually not too far from the sun. Of course you wont see it if it is behind the sun in its orbit ( from our perspective) and likewise if between the sun and us. the best times are when it's at greatest elongation from the sun ( furthest out to either side) where the sun glare isn't so bad.
    In years gone bye it was always a fav daytime activity at astronomy club camps

    Stellarium program will show you the best times to look for Venus and where it is in relation to the sun
    here's a screen dump from Stellarium for my location today Fri 17th Feb
    You can see that the sun is in the low western sky and Venus is up and to the right


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