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Venus' rotation around sun

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    Why do venus take more number of days for one complete rotation around sun than earth when the gravitational pull towards venus is higher than earth ?
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    It doesn't. Google is your friend.
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    It doesn't. Venus takes approximately 225 Earth days to complete one orbit.
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    Maybe you're thinking about the rotation of Venus as opposed to the orbit of Venus? Venus spins on its axis very slowly, so it only makes a full axial rotation ever 243 Earth-days, but in this time period it has already made a full orbiting loop around the Sun and is about 8% of the way into the next loop.
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    Probably a definition issue:
    Rotation: spinning about its axis
    Revolution: moving around the sun
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    Perhaps you're thinking of a synodic year. Venus takes about 1.6 years to complete a cycle as seen from Earth. After it completes one orbit, it still has to travel an extra distance to catch up to Earth, which has also moved. So from one apparition as an evening star to the next it takes 1.6 years.
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