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Verification of a parabola

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    I would like to verify my answer please:

    using the formulas b^2-4ac=0 (indicates a parabola)
    b^2-4ac<0 (indicates an ellipse)
    b^2-4ac>0 (indicates a hyperbola)

    4-4=0 therefore this graph must be a parabola!

    Am I correct?
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    It's indeed a parabola :smile:
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    YIPPEE, thank
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    Note that your equation may be re-written as:
    This can be brought onto the form:
    [tex]u=-\frac{\sqrt{2}}{5}v^{2}, u=\frac{x+y}{\sqrt{2}}, v=\frac{x-y}{\sqrt{2}}[/tex]
    where the u-v axes are 45 degrees rotated with respect to the xy axes.
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