Verilog arithmetic shift implementation.

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    Here's my verilog code first of all

    module arithmetic_shift(input_num, op, shift_num, result);

    input [7:0] input_num;
    input [2:0] shift_num;
    input op;
    output reg [7:0] result;

    always @ (*)

    0 : result = input_num <<< shift_num;
    1 : result = input_num >>> shift_num;
    default : $display("Error in Arithmetic Shift Module");

    module arithmetic_test;
    reg [7:0] input_num;
    reg op;
    reg [2:0] shift_num;
    wire [7:0] result;

    arithmetic_shift UUT(input_num, op, shift_num, result);

    input_num = 0;
    op = 0;
    shift_num = 1;

    #50 input_num = 8'b10101010;
    #100 input_num = 8'b11110000;
    #150 op = 1;
    input_num = 8'b11010001;
    shift_num = 3;


    I am using Xilinx to run my simulation.

    When I run the syntax check on my code, there are no problems at all. However, when I actually try to run the simulation, I get an error

    # Loading work.arithmetic_test
    # Loading C:\Modeltech_xe_starter\win32xoem/../xilinx/verilog/xilinxcorelib_ver.arithmetic_shift
    # Loading work.glbl
    # ** Fatal: (vsim-3365) Testbench.v(12): Too many port connections. Expected 3, found 4.
    # Time: 0 ps Iteration: 0 Instance: /arithmetic_test/UUT File: C:/Xilinx/verilog/src/XilinxCoreLib/XFFT1024_V1_1.v
    # FATAL ERROR while loading design
    # Error loading design

    Stating that the instantiation being done on this particular line

    arithmetic_shift UUT(input_num, op, shift_num, result);

    Does not match the port connections with the actual module. Clearly, this cannot be true as there are 4 ports going in/out of the code.

    So here's my question - did I write something wrong on the code to cause this trouble or is Xilinx smoking marijuana?
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