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Verizon ISP service

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    A friend of mine is looking for a new ISP. He's looking into Verizon and I was wondering if anyone here uses Verizon (or know someone who does) and what your opinion of the service is.


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    I was using Verizon for about a year. I had many problems with the service - my DSL modem would sometimes not be able to establish and maintain a connection to version. It got so bad that even after switching among different modems, the connection still couldn't be maintained. The speed was also very poor and never reached an acceptable rate. Not sure if this matters to you, but they changed my IP address very often. It sometimes made it impossible for me to work remotely.

    I'm now using cable and the service is far better.
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    I've been on Verizon DSL about two years and it's been the best ISP I've ever had.
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    I had Verizon DSL at work and only changed when I moved to a location where Verizon couldn't guarantee or provide DSL. That was several years ago, and I'm waiting for their FIOS to come in. Currently I use cable, which is OK, but expensive considering the service. I give FIOS serious consideration when it becomes available, and then hopefully the cable rates will decrease.

    As for ranger's comment on the IP, one should be able to order a static IP address. We can get one for an extra $30/mo on the cable system.

    I'm currently helping a friend with his network which is based on a Westell 327W wireless DSL modem/router.

    Just remember to keep the documentation, and keep record of username and password in order to access the configuration pages. The factory defaults may or may not work (or may have been reset or changed by whomever). Arrrgghhhh!
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    Thank you for your input. I'll let my friend know of your advice! :smile:

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    Hah! I talked with Verizon yesterday regarding phone service and billing because some other company called my office claiming that there was a billing error and that they could improve our service and save us money. When I asked the phone caller if she was representing Verizon, she said she worked for a Verizon contractor. Well this is what is known as 'slamming'. Companies buy access on Verizon or ATT and then sell access to consumers. If there is a problem on the line, you still have to call Verizon or ATT for service.

    During my conversation with the Verizon representative, she indicated that if there was a billing error, they would not call, but it would be mentioned in the following statement.

    Anyway, the subject of broadband came up so I will be looking into Verizon's broadband service. I'm actually waiting for the high speed FiOS service in our area.
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