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Vertical motion

  1. Dec 8, 2005 #1
    A stone dropped from the roof of a building hits the ground travelling at speed 19.4 m s-1 . How tall is the building, in m?

    is the final velocity 0? or what do you calculate first? to get s
    thanks in advance
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    The initial velocity is zero, you are given the final velocity. What equations do you have that include your givens and the distance of the fall.
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    relativistic motion

    does anyone know the formula for v using the relativistic mass equation

    i get v= the sqroot of(c^2- (restmass^2*c^2)/m^2)
    rearrangeing the formula
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    cheers mate
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    You would be best off to learn the basics before including non measurable (for this problem) relativistic effects.
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    Please look where do you post things. I just understood your mistake becauseI have even seenthe other post. Try being a bit carefulnext time. Anyway you have a contrasting character of not being able to solve a free fall problem and then talk about the formula whose understanding is beyond the scope of introductory physics.
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    OMG.. I tot this was a kinematics problem..?!!>">!"?!">
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