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Homework Help: Vertical speed

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    A baseball is hit with a horizontal speed of 16 m/s and a vertical speed of 19 m/s upward. What are these speeds 1 s later?

    horizontal speed 16 m/s
    vertical speed ? m/s

    I figured out that the horizontal speed would still be the same and it was. So i thought that the vertical speed 1 s later would be double that, so 38 m/s but that was incorrect also.
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    This problem assumes no friction, and that is why the horizontal speed is constant.

    Think about your answer for the vertical speed. What happens when you throw an object straight into the air? According to your answer, it picks up more and more speed and never comes back down. =) The baseball must continually slow down until it reaches the highest point of its trajectory, where it then stops (the vertical motion stops, not the horizontal motion though), and it then picks up vertical speed as it falls back to the earth. Do you have any equations that describe such motion relative to time?
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    Hi Crichar1! :smile:
    How much is the acceleration (including the units)?

    What equation connects acceleration speed and time? :smile:
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