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Vertical spindles

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    Iam a student doing my project at an industry
    I just encountered designing shafts
    we use vertical spindles with a gear which meshes with an internal gear near the top end of the spindle, i just wanted to know whether i need to design the spindle for both torsion and bending or should i just consider torsion since the spindle is vertical??
    Plz help me out iam stuck
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    There's really not enough information here. If the bending (non-torsional twisting) force is of the same order of magnitude as the torsional force then you need to consider both.

    This is very application dependent and it really doesn't matter what orientation it is if the system is stably captured or grounded.
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    Is there any link where i can fully understand these things with some standard equations??

    Is there any practical example of a shaft subjected to pure torsion
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