Verticle to rotational torque

  1. QUESTION: Thank you for assisting a non engineer with a problem.
    10,000 pounds of thrust is moving in a verticle path at the rate of one foot per

    This is attached to a horizontal shaft (size not determined) by what ever means
    necessary to transfer the maximum energy.

    What is the maximum foot pounds the shaft can deliver (by whatever combination
    of gears or other devices) if the desired RPM is between 50 and 100 RPM.

    What combination of gears or other devices would be needed
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  3. FredGarvin

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    I wish I could understand your problem set up, but I can't see it. Can you shed a little more details of the set up?
  4. Danger

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    That's what prevented me from responding before, as well. The question leaves far too many variables to be meaningful.
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