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Very basic help on notations

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    I am a CS student trying to learn the basics of quantum physics. Sadly I cant even get pass the definition of Dirac notation because I do not know the meanings of some basic notations

    The only thing I know is that V (superscript T) means transpose. Switch between column and row.

    However, I keep seeing notations such as
    V (superscript *)
    V (superscript +) ==> [look more like a cross]

    Can someone tell me that those mean? or maybe tell me what to read to learn about these basic notations?
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    Usually, V (superscript *) means complex conjugated matrix (i.e., all entries of V are complex conjugated) and V (superscript +) means Hermitean conjugated matrix (i.e., V is transposed and complex conjugated).

    You should check the exact definitions in your textbook, because some authors use different notations.

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    thanks for your help

    actually I was reading on my own. The book I picked didnt go over such minor detail.
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    Always use multiple sources when reading on your own.
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    Just so you know, what you're having problems with are the mathematics, not the physics. These are notations typically taken from mathematics and represents mathematical operations or situations.

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