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B Very basic probability doubt

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    I have started quantum mechanics on my own using online lectures. So i have very basic doubts:

    1) probability of electron is defined in space rather than a point. My question is why dont we comment about probability at a point.
    I thought two possible explanation that:
    1.1)ψ2dx the dx term goes zero so probablity at point is zero
    1.2)electron is itself not a point object(which i dont know is true or not)

    2)if we are given real valued wavefunction graphs can we can we comment on probablity density without knowing the complex part.(i hope not)
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    Hello Naman, :welcome:

    1) probability density is defined. As you indicate, probability itself can only be given for a volume, not for a point.

    2) no we can not. But 'real valued wavefunction graphs' are rare: most of the time we get presented amplitude graphs.
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    Ok, so can we say probablity at a point is zero always.
    And is electron point object??
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    For all we know it is, yes. Limits are of the order of ##10^{-20}## m. Just try to imagine the charge density :smile: !
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