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Schools Very concerned about transferring to four year university please help!

  1. Mar 21, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone!

    Im having a bit of an anxiety stricken moment and would really love some advice.
    I apologize in advance if I type a bit lengthy, as Im quite expressive in real life...

    I am currently an undergrad student at a local community college in my city. I received my Associates of Science degree to transfer to a 4-year university last summer.
    I have taken the 3 fundamental/calculus based physics series (Physics I-III), and have taken all the math courses they offer besides Linear Algebra (but have done Vector Calculus and Differential Equations) and 2 courses in Chemistry (which Im not even sure I needed to take).

    My GPA is very low. This is mostly due to a terrible grade in Chemistry, Physics I and Vector Calc. I am currently going to retake these courses next quarter to make up for the grade. At my college you can retake something one time and replace the old grade with the new grade (assuming it is better). The old grade will still SHOW on the transcript, but will not be added into the cumulative GPA (thankfully).

    I am really really concerned that no 4 year universities will take me with this terrible GPA. Its under a 3.0 and it's tearing me up that I might have to retake a LOT of courses to get this up.

    I DO however have some things going for me. For one, I run the physics lab at the school and have done so for 2 years and am paid. I am very well aquainted with the physics and math department staff. I have also tutored at this school for about a year (also paid).
    Another thing I have going for me is a I did about 6 months of an undergraduate internship with a Astrophysics research group at the University of Washington, so I have that under my belt. I am also part of a tenuring committee for one of the physics professors at my college.

    That being said, I have some really good and obviously active pursuits going, but my GPA is really bad. Does anyone have any idea what they are looking for concerning transfer students? Am I completely screwed and need to retake all my classes? I've been here for two years already and most of my classmates are gone and in 4 year uni's. Im actually embarassed that Im still here. I would really like some help here to know what I should do.

    Any advice would be great!!!
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  3. Mar 22, 2012 #2
    Have you looked at the requirements of your target school?

    From my experience as a transfer student, most public universities have a minimum overall requirement of a 2.0GPA and won't transfer any grades less than a C from a Community College. Some may also require that your last dozen credits or so have a 3.0GPA average. For your 'major' classes, or admittance to certain programs, there may be further requirements yet.

    This all depends, however, on where you want to go. The school's website should have transfer guidelines, if it doesn't, contact the admissions department and talk to someone.
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