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Homework Help: Very easy circuit question.

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    I understand everything in the solution of this problem, except the expresson
    [tex]2I_{x}I_{2}=16W [/tex] supplied. can some one please tell me whats going on here?

    I thought that Power was the product of current and voltage. How can I get power out of the current source in the center of the mesh?

    http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/3175/screenshot003zo4.th.jpg [Broken]

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    I cannot see your document (approval usually takes a while), but I have a question: is the 2 referring to 2 ohms of resistance? Based on your description, it seems like the 2 is 2 ohms of internal battery resistance.

    Also, remember that:
    V = IR
    P = IV
    Therefore [tex]P = I^2R[/tex].
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    No, sorry there are not resistors in the diagram.
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    Attachment is still pending approval, but you get power from a current source based on the voltage that is across the current source as it supplies the current. If you supply current into a 10V load, that's 10x the power compared to if you source that current into a 1V load.
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    Can anyone see the image that I have linked to?
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    Its approved now.
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    any suggestins now that you can view the file?
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    Are you doing mesh power(???) analysis?

    Anyway, to answer your question, the [tex] 2I_x I_2 = 16W[/tex] is a power because it uses the dependent voltage source, which has a voltage of [tex]2I_x[/tex].

    Any other questions?
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    I see now. Thank you!!
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