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Very easy Minitab question VERY DESPERATE

  1. Sep 2, 2003 #1
    Very easy Minitab question ... VERY DESPERATE!!!

    This is based on students exam results.
    I have two columns. The first column is called 'MARK', and the second column is called 'PASS'.
    The total number or marks available is 200. If a student get's more than 40% (i.e. 80 marks), then I want the corresponding 'PASS' colum to have the value '1'. If a student get's less than 40%, then I want the corresponding 'PASS' column to have the value '0'.

    i.e. value 1 = pass, value 0 = fail.

    Any ideas? I know its something like 'If 'MARK'<80, then '1', else '0'.
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