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Very low frequency data - thoughts?

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    ((also posted to General Engineering))

    Hi everybody,

    I'm working on a concept for a movie that I'm making. It's a fictional movie, but the concepts in it are definitely grounded in current and theoretical science. Coming from a big science background, I of course want the fictional technologies in the movie to be somewhat technologically feasible.

    So for the first concept:

    Could you transmit data from one point to another, or to one main base station of some sort, over a very low frequency such as 12Hz?

    * If not, why not? Is it just a horrible frequency to transmit at? What would be the reasons it would not work?

    * If not, are there any technologies, whether current or theoretical, that could make a low frequency like 12hz viable for data transmission?

    * If so, how efficient would it be in comparison to (for example), transmitting at 1900MHz (a frequency used for US GSM signals)?

    * Any thoughts overall about transmitting data at very low frequencies?

    If anyone interested could post their thoughts on this, I'd really appreciate it. Once I get some feedback I'll of course post what the conept actually is. :)

    Thanks in advance everyone!
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    Welcome to the forums, Invader!

    You don't need to post the same thread in multiple places. People interested in Engineering usually look through all open threads anyway, and It's much easier to have a coherent conversation if all comments are in one place.

    I'm locking this thread.

    Please direct all responses here
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